Cars for Sale

Our customers have asked us to put this page up to help promote the sale of their vehicles.  While we have some prior knowledge of most of these vehicles please remember that -
We are not selling them or able to make judgment on price, quality, or any other concerns related to these vehicles aside from prior work performed.  Kirkland Classic Cars is not responsible for these vehicles in any way, other than applicable warranties for prior service.  Kirkland Classic Cars takes no responsibility for the vehicle, purchase, sale, or information given on this website.


If you are interested in a vehicle you see here we are happy to take your call at our main number (425) 823-0522 and answer any mechanical questions you might have before sending you to the correct customer for a chance to see the vehicle and talk to the owners directly.  (P.S. Pictures by Amanda!)


Blue Lady is a 1978 Corvette $18,000 



Please call for details and information